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Prince and the Red Daily Slosh

1 Mar

LibertySchoolSyrahLast week, I found myself dazzled and bewildered (not uncommon for me) in the middle of an aisle at Total Wine in Naples, Florida. The place is overwhelming with, well, wine –  5,000 labels! I wanted to get a good-to-great California syrah to bring home because we seldom get them up here in Canada. After an hour and a half, I landed on a suitable one. Why tell this story? Well, there’s a syrah on the shelves this week from California that’s a good bet for casual dining – 2010 Liberty School Syrah (#942383 $18.95). You’ve all seen and probably tried the Liberty School brand. Its fun, easy to drink too much of (what wine isn’t?), and reasonably priced. Their aforementioned (used that word everyday for 28 years and never since before today, baby) house style is reflected in this syrah as well while bringing typical spice and black fruit. I think that you’ll like it for sipping but better with food – like a steak as suggested. Brainwave! Try this and an Australian shiraz, perhaps the 2009 Rolf Binder Ma I? Have This Evening Shiraz/Mataro (#295899 $19.95) of about the same price to see how different approaches to the same grape and different regional influences reap different results. But, you’ll see that there will remain some consistent flavour stuff, as in spice and black fruits. Plus, that’s two bottles instead of one and that’s always better. Continue reading

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