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The White Daily Slosh – Patio Time!

25 Apr

mountrileychardonnayLast time out, I talked about a sauvignon blanc from the New Zealand producer, Mount Riley. This week, there’s the chardonnay. The 2011 Mount Riley Chardonnay #032318 $17.95 won’t satisfy those that hunger for oak and buttery goodness. However, it more closely resembles chardonnay from its historical roots in Burgundy. Lots of typical chardonnay fruit – apples mostly for me – and a solid underpinning of steeliness or stoniness. That’s what reminds me of Burgundy – you know, one of those Louis Jadot entry level whites. Although good with food, this would make a great patio white before the days get too hot. After work, with friends, talking disparagingly about people that aren’t there. You guys know what I’m talking about – who’s not pulling their weight, how crazy the boss is, unreasonable expectations, “I think I’ll phone in sick tomorrow.”

 domainedegrenaudiereYears ago, when wine for me was what you drank if there wasn’t any beer or to impress others, I would very knowledgeably pick up an Entre Deux Mers made by Chateau Something Or Other as a guaranteed crowd pleaser – well, when the beer ran out. It was usually pretty good, actually, and priced right at about $1.80 a bottle. Does this ridiculous price indicate my advanced age? Let’s just say that I saw Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young live when they had hair. This week, there’s a Sèvre et Maine muscadet that represents the same value/experience proposition. The 2011 Domaine de la Grenaudière Muscadet Sèvre et Maine #326827 $14.95 brings lots of aroma and punch to a crisp finishing white. This wine goes great with snack style seafood – that’s peel and eat shrimp, grilled calamari, fish kabobs. And, like the wine above would make a great addition to any patio. Or, while watching Homeland with a bowl of Goldfish (original flavour). Remember you don’t have to wait until the beer runs out to appreciate wine.

ducadiquadriMy niece, Lauren, told me that when she shops for wine, she grabs a pinot grigio rather than wander the store pretending to know what to get. It’s easy shopping, she knows what it tastes like and appreciates it – a great formula for success with wine. I told her that I’d keep an eye out for a pinot grigio to recommend and there’s one on the shelves this week. The Duca di Quadri Catemario Collezione Privata Pinot Grigio #120782 $14.95, like its name, is longer on finish and flavour than your typical pinot grigio – a step up in quality and price from the entry level grigios. This is pretty good on its own, like most of these wines and brings us back to patios and gossip. Serve chilled to approximately 45.735 degrees F. Don’t fuss, just approximately.

domainedesaspesI tasted a viognier last night that brings the unique viognier experience to a well-priced effort – 2011 Domaine des Aspes Viognier #712638 $15.95. This wine shows you how viognier feels so round in your mouth at the same time as it brings a stoney character. Actually, that’s a brutal description – poorly written. It sounds like I’m describing Bedrock: Fred Flintstone (round) and Barney Rubble (stoney character). It’s just hard to explain without getting too weird like that. I think that viognier lovers like Andrew L. will appreciate this wine and those revisiting the grape or trying it for the first time will notice its balance, sneaky size, and foodability. It’s yummy – a perfect description! I’m thinking pick the others above for the patio and reserve this for indoors with food.

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