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Swilling in Harmonie – The White Daily Slosh

2 Aug

mdhLast year, I recommended a Muscadet that even Zara H. liked. In fact, she bought a bunch. Hell, I bought a few myself. Now, I see that it has returned this weekend – 2011 Michel Delhommeau Cuvée Harmonie Sur Lie Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine #164264 $13.95. Now, not everyone out there has tried Muscadet. It’s not a name loosely taken from the Dumas book. Or am I the only one that can’t get that homonymish thing out of my mind? Little lesson – Muscadet is made from the melon de Bourgogne grape. It’s usually pretty non-descript – dry, light and great with seafood. It’s also very plentiful. Read: it can be nonsense. This one, having been left sur lie or on the lees for a bit, however, is fuller in the mouth. It’s tangy, almost salty with great acidity on the finish. Perfect for warm weather, patios, arugula salad with shaved parmesan and a spritz of olive oil. Get a bottle or two and serve mid-afternoon. Those of you at Inverhuron for the coming week (and you know who you are), should get a couple of these for hot afternoon gulping. And, you pinot grigio hawks who really need a break from the same old should get this too – or are you one and the same?

kcrLately, it seems that every restaurant carries some version of New Zealand’s Kim Crawford line – pinot, sauvignon blanc primarily. But, this week, there’s the riesling – 2012 Kim Crawford Dry Reisling #626408 $19.95. This is first and foremost a mouth waterer of a wine – citrus followed by citrus with a hint of soft flesh fruit, followed by citrus. It’s a perfect food wine, as is a lot of riesling, with maybe matches of something with a kick, like Asian fare. This doesn’t have the depth of the German versions of this grape but it’s fun and isn’t that what wine is supposed to be about?

I haven’t had a lot of the release whites this week so will keep it short, although there is a bunch that I’d like to try, if that forms an endorsement. Two in particular:

2010 Genesis Chardonnay #327916 $18.95

2011 Turkey Flat Butchers Block Marsanne/Viognier/Rousanne #058503 $19.95

Best of the Daily Slosh 2012: White

31 Dec
If you missed my Best of 2012 for Reds, click here.  Otherwise, here is the best of for whites. Enjoy!
  1. 2010 Michel Delhommeau Cuvée Harmonie Muscadet de Sevre-et-Maine – Every so often I recommend a muscadet and by feedback, I’ve not always hit a home run. However, I think that the 2010 Michel Delhommeau Cuvée Harmonie Muscadet de Sevre-et-Maine (#164624 $12.95) will please. Briny, crisp, the perfect match for simply prepared seafood on a patio while skipping work (including BB off).
  1. 2011 Wither Hills Wairau Valley Sauvignon Blanc – I’ve recommended many New Zealand sauvignon blancs. They seldom disappoint. The 2011 Wither Hills Wairau Valley Sauvignon Blanc (#919514 $17.95) is one of the better priced ones and just as satisfying as the more hefty ones. Yes, I love these fresh, vibrant and robust wines. A kind of combination of Anita Ekberg, Mamie Van Doren…….Dagmar….but not confidential. Did I mention the music/wine continuum?
  1. 2011 Flat Rock Nadja’s Vineyard Riesling – Every year when this wine comes out, I suggest that you run to the store and pick up a bunch. And, I know of many who have and rejoiced. Now, 2011 was a variable year in Niagara and only good, patient winemaker’s will have excelled. This is one of those winemakers2011 Flat Rock Nadja’s Vineyard Riesling (#578635 $19.95). It’s not surreal but I’m breton that you’ll love it. It’s as good as riesling gets in Niagara for this price.
  1. 2011 Jim Barry The Lodge Hill Riesling – A repeat recommendation is in order – 2011 Jim Barry The Lodge Hill Riesling (#262469 $19.95). A lovely riesling that goes with just about anything other than burnt meat, a good pre-dinner sipper, stand arounder, before bed medicinal dose, and/or pre-breakfast hair of the dog.
  1. 2009 Simi Chardonnay – At the wine tasting this week, someone asked about creamy chardonnays. This week, there’s a pretty good example – 2009 Simi Chardonnay #673806 $19.95. Not an over the top buttery chard but one that is mid-weight with nice fruit and creaminess just the same. I get this each year for the “one that must be obeyed”.
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