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Fantasy Baseball and Wine – Two of My Favourite Things

8 Apr

baseballgloveI completed my fantasy baseball draft in the Pals Of Olaf Baseball Association (POOBA) on the weekend. As usual I left the draft deflated but hopeful. I didn’t land Miggy Cabrera or Justin Verlander but if I’m lucky and they are not, they will get injured and my team, Duffs Tunas, will grasp the championship!

As I prepared for the draft and prepared may not be the right word…..scrambled, might better describe my technique, I considered the proper beverage for an auction style draft. And, it goes without saying that it had to be wine. I know, then why say it?

French? – Displays the fact that I don’t really know much about baseball. As in, how many French pitchers have won the Cy Jeune? Let’s say it would be bad karma.

Italian? – Conveys the fact that I don’t really care who wins because I’m taking a break until my Juventus side plays next weekend

New World? – Really? If the beer swillers that I’m defeating can pronounce it, I lose my wine mojo.

So, what did I land on? – Spain.

My thinking? My favourite team in the real baseball world is the Toronto Blue Jays and they are, for the most part, Dominican. They don’t make wine in the Dominican Republic but their national drink, rum, would result in a very bad ending for the Tunas. Trust me there is anecdotal and jurisprudence support to that prediction. Despite the fact that Sarah Palin understood Latin American people to speak Latin, Domincans speak Spanish. Ergo, Spanish is the language of my people – my Blue Jay people. So, I went to a mencia wine from Bierzo – Bodegas del Abad Dom Bueno Mencia 2008 ($15.95). My notes – “Opened far ahead of its time – dark fruits abound in this full-bodied, deep……” That’s about all I bothered to take down. It’s hard to pay attention to the draft and the wine. However, I did notice great acidity to go with convenience store popcorn and creeping regret. Actually am going to get a few more of these.

I will keep you apprised of the Tunas speedy rise to the top of league standings. Why rise, you ask? Because we currently reside in second last place. Maybe next year?

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