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Four Beauts – The Red Daily Slosh

2 Aug


castagninoEver seen the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun? Women nod while guys pretend not to remember. Come on, fellows, it had Diane Lane (one of my favs) in it! Now, they remember. Well, I’m told that it was filmed at and around Cortona in Eastern Tuscany. Cortona is steep – as in the streets are steep, surrounded by the ubiquitous vineyards of that area. This week, there’s a syrah from this town that shouldn’t be missed and the price is not, steep that is – 2011 Castagnino Cortona Syrah #182253 $19.95. I rambled a few months back about a friend who stated that he didn’t quite like syrah. I’m betting he’ll like this regardless of what the label says. This is dark in flavour profile with some spice and a great bite in the mouth. Which sounds backward as your mouth is supposed to do the biting. But, I bet you get it. I’m betting also that there isn’t any oak used – it’s clean and fresh. And, if you enjoy the elegant style that non-traditional grapes can bring from Tuscany, I bet you love it. Needs food – charred remains – which are plentiful this time of year. Or, plan a meal as seen in the movie link.

genesisDon’t I always talk about Washington reds? Well, when I can. This week, there’s a wine from a great value producer, Hogue, in the Columbia Valley – 2008 Genesis Cabernet Sauvignon #275123 $18.95. This is a great balanced red with the typical aromas of black currant and a nice sneaky contribution from some oak in your swish. It’s a wine for everyone and at a good price point. As above would do great alongside some burnt meat but I think it would prove to be a good standing around wine too; discussing senate reform, Ontario by-election results, never ending sewer line construction in London Old North. Another bottle, please!

LPBonardaIt’s been awhile since we had a non-malbec Argentinean wine on these pages. But, I love Bonarda. That doesn’t sound right to those who think Bonarda is a Spanish movie starlet. Bonarda is a grape that comes originally from Piedmont, I believe, but is cultivated successfully in Argentina now. The flavour profiles from the two areas differ IMHO; in that the Argentinean wines are a lot fuller – someone out there who better understands what impacts this might comment below. The shelves this week are groaning under the weight of 2011 La Posta Estala Armando Vineyard Bonarda #261586 $14.95. Now, don’t be scared off by the term “fuller”. It ain’t heavy, it’s my..…….Bonarda. I meant a more substantial experience. It’s balanced, full-bodied and pretty smooth considering that there are tannins present and acidity lingering. Like the syrah above, it has a dark fruit thing and if we were doing a tasting, I’d say one of the first things people would notice was the chocolate on the finish. I have featured the La Posta stable many times with their single vineyard malbecs. They have a way of creating a unique wine at a price point that we need to see more of. I like this stuff! And, at $14.95, you need to give it some love.

penleyIs it my turn to share a little story with the group? At my first wine tasting – yes the one where the room did do a bit of tilting and Bill learned the “Lesson of Tasting Less Or Spitting More”, I had my first Coonawarra cabernet sauvignon. I’m thinking it was Majella or Penley Reserve or a Parker. But, memory can fail at my age and I wasn’t at my note keeping best. In any event, I do remember that it was beautiful, strangely different than others I’d had at that time and not unreasonably priced. It left me forever searching for Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon. I like typing it, saying it …..Coo-na-war-ra, and most of all drinking it. This release features the entry level Penley cab – 2010 Penley Estate Condor Cabernet Sauvignon #731893 $19.95. This has lots going on both as you swirl and swish. Fruits like blackberries. Well, not like blackberries but blackberries indeed. And, and this is what I appreciate the most, a finish that is different as you proceed through your glass. I know, as air gets to the wine, there are changes. But, somehow this is about you not the wine. This is a great barbecue wine, could be standing around wine, but most importantly, is a Bill-must-buy wine.

Redundant recommendation sans comment:

2010 Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon #322586 $19.95

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