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Swilling in Harmonie – The White Daily Slosh

2 Aug

mdhLast year, I recommended a Muscadet that even Zara H. liked. In fact, she bought a bunch. Hell, I bought a few myself. Now, I see that it has returned this weekend – 2011 Michel Delhommeau Cuvée Harmonie Sur Lie Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine #164264 $13.95. Now, not everyone out there has tried Muscadet. It’s not a name loosely taken from the Dumas book. Or am I the only one that can’t get that homonymish thing out of my mind? Little lesson – Muscadet is made from the melon de Bourgogne grape. It’s usually pretty non-descript – dry, light and great with seafood. It’s also very plentiful. Read: it can be nonsense. This one, having been left sur lie or on the lees for a bit, however, is fuller in the mouth. It’s tangy, almost salty with great acidity on the finish. Perfect for warm weather, patios, arugula salad with shaved parmesan and a spritz of olive oil. Get a bottle or two and serve mid-afternoon. Those of you at Inverhuron for the coming week (and you know who you are), should get a couple of these for hot afternoon gulping. And, you pinot grigio hawks who really need a break from the same old should get this too – or are you one and the same?

kcrLately, it seems that every restaurant carries some version of New Zealand’s Kim Crawford line – pinot, sauvignon blanc primarily. But, this week, there’s the riesling – 2012 Kim Crawford Dry Reisling #626408 $19.95. This is first and foremost a mouth waterer of a wine – citrus followed by citrus with a hint of soft flesh fruit, followed by citrus. It’s a perfect food wine, as is a lot of riesling, with maybe matches of something with a kick, like Asian fare. This doesn’t have the depth of the German versions of this grape but it’s fun and isn’t that what wine is supposed to be about?

I haven’t had a lot of the release whites this week so will keep it short, although there is a bunch that I’d like to try, if that forms an endorsement. Two in particular:

2010 Genesis Chardonnay #327916 $18.95

2011 Turkey Flat Butchers Block Marsanne/Viognier/Rousanne #058503 $19.95

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