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A Major Award Nomination Announcement

24 Apr

versatileblogger11I learned this morning that this blog has been nominated for the Bloggers’ Versatility Award. Thanks so much to Oenophilogical (blogarythms) for the shout out and nomination. You can read and please follow Oenophilogical by clicking here – great wine reviews and chatter.

It’s pretty cool to be recognized and a great way for the community to spread the word and support each other. I’ve found that the greatest support for a blogger is another blogger.

I’m feeling that I need to think this through – attending the Academy of Bloggers Awards ceremony and show. I realize that it’s a made-for-television event but still. I’ll need to pick who I’m wearing carefully. I’m leaning towards Robert (silent ‘t’) Docker (en francais ‘Dockay’). The after party should be great and given some of the nominees, I’m thinking we’ll have a pretty good time. Speech? Don’t want to jinx but I’m sure I’ll reach out to other nominees very graciously – (in draft still) “ I’m so honoured to be among those practicing the craft….blah, blah, blah, yada, yada. Mom, who encouraged me to drink at an early age – sniff – watching from above – this is for you.”)  

A requirement of the nomination is to relate 7 personal things about yourself. So, here goes:

I am incredibly anal about all of our home except my office which looks like a hurricane hit it. My desk has unclaimed receipts from 2008 hiding under receipts from 2006. Actually, I’m a little sloppy with my tasting notes too.

I am totally convicted of an idea or cause until I convince you to agree/join. Then, I lose interest.

I find myself very funny much to the embarrassment of my long suffering wife.

Confession: my palate is middling. I’m OK with it though.

I love dogs.

Friends and my sons are my greatest accomplishments and I value their time and reciprocal love and friendship more than I can say.

I love my life. Let’s drink to that!

An opportunity that the nomination provides is a chance to nominate up to 15 other bloggers for the Versatility Award and I don’t want to miss a chance to support those that I really enjoy reading or have just discovered and am looking forward to reading more (I know, run on sentence). Click their links and get entertained, informed, and motivated.

The Drunken Cyclist – I love his What We’ve Been Drinking and Wine of The Week, his blogs about his son Sebastien, and his knowledge of Champagne/sparkling wines

Red Wine Lovers – everything from tasting notes, recipes, pairing ideas, all regions present and accounted for

The Winegetter – almost a journal, fun to read and enjoy, great knowledge of German Riesling and I do want to learn more about these wines

Grapefriend – where wine meets modern and, sometimes, counter culture – great vibe. Fun and the Madmen updates are instructive – provide an historical tracking of wine drinking among the Madison Avenue crowd

Savor Encyclopedia – one woman’s journey to find the best of wine, beer, and spirits

The Wine Baron – fellow Canuck and Southern Ontarian which provides some great information on restaurants, wines, and travel

Twelve Dollar Taste Buds – All about less expensive wines and the writer’s experience sloshing and slurping through them

Talkavino – Exceptionally well written reviews, rambles, rants, and tips. Well-informed and experienced

The World At Our Table – by a former colleague from another movie, stories (well-written) about traveling the globe from home through the food of the world

Wine Is My Life – reviews of wines by an extremely experienced taster, plus other snippets of wine related stuff

There are other great blogs that I follow but I think I need to end it there to make sure you click through a few without it being too daunting. If I’ve missed you, I’m sorry but the orchestra has started to play STOP NOW music and the pretty, smiling, young usher woman is motioning me to get the hell off the stage – Go to Commercial.

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