The Way It Is – The Red Daily Slosh

15 Sep

Love this song. Years ago, I tried unsuccessfully to get tickets locally to Bruce and Bonnie Raitt. Two people that I really want to see before my hearing goes.

As always upon returning from a week at the cottage, I pledge to drink less wine. “I will drink less wine! I……….umm…well….will drink a little less wine. Here’s hoping’ that I drink a little less wine.” Shit, who am I kidding? It’s just so damn good. Have to say that I like the buzz too. I’m not lyin’.

ardalSo, what to stockpile for the upcoming fall season. Nothing says ‘Fall’ like Iberian wine. So, I’m rushing back to the mother ship to pick up a mess of the 2006 Ardal Reserva #167700 $21.95. This was a host gift from friends visiting (thanks Rod and Nancy) and we quaffed it far too fast. It just said, “You want me, don’t you? Go ahead take me. Take me now! My generously full body is all yours.” Ok, I’m living alone during the week so I’m a bit distracted. But this wine is that kinda seductive. This is Tempranillo with 20% Cab Sav. The 20% provides a backbone that’s missing in a lot of Ribera del Duero reds of this age. If you’re an anti-woodite, steer clear. This has a bunch of sandalwood/cedar both on the nose and in your mouth, some vanilla with good grip on the finish. It has lots left – 5 years at least. A 10 year-old RdD of this stature is worth a lot more than the price tag. We had it with gourmet hamburgers (brie and blue cheese topping). Perfect.

mouraAnother host gift was the 2013 Aguia Moura em Vinhas Velhas Reserva #354738 $16.95. This is a Duoro red. Discovering red cherries and coffee at the finish. Full bodied with very present tannins throughout and a clear bite of acidity. Made from Touriga Franca and Tinto Roriz predominantly and aged 12 months in French oak. Great food wine and a value for sure. Not that many left locally but, if practice is any indication, keep an eye out for this same wine in a future release. If I see it, I’ll let you know.

gamayStarting to line up a few trips down to Niagara for the fall. One of my faves is Malivoire. Maybe it’s because I’m familiar with their stuff or maybe just because it’s a fun spot and their juice is good. They make a couple Gamays – a Small Lot one and their regular Gamay. This week, the regular Gamay – 2014 Malivoire Gamay #591313 $17.95 is available. This qualifies as ‘fun’ wine. That doesn’t mean inconsequential or non-memorable. But, just not serious as in, “Man, that’s a serious wine.” It’s Gamay as in “refreshing, mid-weight, medium-bodied, yummy.” Did I say it was fun? Juicy, lip smacking (is that just juicy a different way?). This is a late summer wine with something lightly charred – like lamb kabobs. Or, ignoring my pledge above, just by itself while watching those frustrating Blue Jays. Despite the fact that baseball is my favourite sport to watch, I’m pining for the NBA to startup. Go Raps! Come to think of it, this wine would go well with a Raps victory over the Cavs. But then again, it won’t cellar forever.

keinteStaying in Ontario, the 2013 Keinte-he Voyageur Pinot Noir #373407 $19.00 is a serious – notice a theme here? – wine. I’d say it’s a few years away from releasing some of the red fruit and easing up on the obfuscating acid and tannin. A very French or maybe Oregon-style Pinot. What I find interesting is that this wine is from Niagara grapes. You’re more likely to find this take from PEC, where this winery is located, than Niagara. If you prefer Rodney Strong’s entry level or Meomi-style Pinots, forget about this. This is power without the round and cloy (yes, a value statement). When we were there last year, I was taken with the winery. They focused on a few varieties and didn’t stray from a house style that, frankly, isn’t mainstream, Maybe that’s a function of lower inventory. They don’t have to please everyone. They had a splendid Gamay as well that’s available in a few stores. Slightly chill that one.

maneroYou’ll see below a pricier Tuscan blend but I’m not sure that you’ll find one much better under $30 than the 2013 Tenute del Cerro Manero #461855 $17.95. I almost always recommend Brancaia Tre as a perfect example of what Tuscan winemakers can do with a little freedom and imagination. But, I might have to change that to this cuvee. This is too tasty. Too tasty. And that’s two tasty’s? Softer than the Tre and much meatier, herby. It has a French nose – lavender and garrigue. Goes down smoothly with cherries on the finish. I love it and was hoping to see it again. If I don’t blow my budget on some other wines that I have my eye on, I’m going all in on this. You can never have too much gulpable Toscana.

Splurge a bit:

modus2012 Ruffino Modus #912956 $29.95 – This is smooth as………well, something that is really, really smooth – I don’t have the proper simile handy. A très tasty Tuscan blend in the spirit of much higher priced wines. Great right this minute. Impress a friend with this Super, Super Tuscan. Red fruits with a hint of the cassis of the Cab Sav in the blend. Perfect balance, medium finish. Elegant stuff. You will wish that you had a second bottle. In my case, a third bottle. Because I have to say that my pledge is failing.

Blind pick ups:

2013 Falesco Tellus Cabernet Sauvignon #454504 $15.95 – Hard to believe the price on this wine. In other vintages, it was a solid near flawless wine. No reason to suspect that this vintage is any different. Plus, it’s from Umbria. Go ahead and ask me why that’s significant.



3 Responses to “The Way It Is – The Red Daily Slosh”

  1. theswirlingdervish September 15, 2016 at 7:20 pm #

    Seems like everyone’s heading to Spain or Portugal for the fall; not a bad idea, I must say! Enjoy!

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  2. Michelle Williams September 16, 2016 at 9:07 am #

    Love Bruce Hornsby! Great wine recs too.

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