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14 Apr

Question: What is proper smartphone etiquette at the gym?

cellhonebanThe reason I ask? I was at the gym the other day (no scoffing, please) and retired to the sauna after several hours of heavy weights. I entered to find a young man on the top bench in full gym gear, including shoes. EEEW. But that’s not the real issue. He had his smartphone with him, earbuds in and music blaring enough that I could hear the lyrics to Hotline Bling. And, that’s not all. He kept texting someone (clickety, clickety, click) who’s return texts were announced with an annoying gong. What to do:

  1. I could have asked him politely to get undressed after all saunas are for the semi-naked, place phone in Airplane Mode, and turn the music off – maybe could be taken the wrong way on the, “get undressed, please”;
  2. I could have asked if he was so pathetically lonely that he needed an electronic substitute for his blankie even in the sauna – a bit too psychoanalytical; or
  3. Do what I actually did – the indirect dis – which was start to talk to the other naked man in the sauna about how sadly attached people were to their gadgets, wink, wink. He promptly got up and left. Not the man I was talking to, although he might have thought about it, but the offender left. Point made. Not sure what I would have done if he ‘got in my face’, as they say. Headline: “Man Killed in Sauna was Victim of Phone Rage”

The reason I mention this is that today I was sitting, thinking. Just thinking. No smartphone, no music on. I repeat – just me alone with my thoughts. A lost art? I’m not bragging because I couldn’t do it as long as I used to. After awhile, I needed to put some tunes on, find my phone and check for texts and emails that would validate my existence. Yup, Bill is here ’cause he got a text. I, too, am needing a little electronic recognition, I fear. But never in the sauna.

And, if you believed the “several hours of heavy weights” I claimed above, you don’t really know me. It was 90 minutes on the treadmill and fifteen on some circuit training machines. OK, that’s a lie too. It was mostly just the sauna.

This week’s (April 16) release has some old favourites of mine and a couple new faces.

frchardLet’s start close to home – the 2013 Flat Rock Chardonnay #286278 $18.95 will serve you well in the build up to summer and then on warm summer evenings. Any oak is is under the influence of the juicy fruit (not the gum) and a nice bite of acid on the finish. Nice effort by a very solid winery. You can read about my visit to Flat Rock here.

kacabaAgain from Niagara up on the escarpment, the 2011 Kacaba Cabernet Sauvignon #326496 $24.95  is a handful and carries that personality of red rather than black or cassis fruit. Tannins suggesting further cellaring back when I tasted it. Perhaps not needing that now. Great red meat wine – grab a steak and pop, breathe and enjoy.


brazinLodi is an under appreciated wine region IMHO. It’s straining to be recognized, loved, and benefitting economically from that love. My fave wine from Lodi? Zinfandel. This week there is a repeat offender from these pages – 2013 Brazin (B)Old Vine Zinfandel #256750 $20.95. This won’t remind you of those yuuuuge Zins that we all like despite ourselves. It’s more reserved, complicated. Laura Linney? Love Laura. Love this wine too. I lamented about not getting it on with California ones lately and this is an excuse to break that trend. This really says, “Cottage.”

mdfcsWhile in Lodi, let’s pick up a bottle of the Michael David Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon #405175 $26.95. I love these guys. Their Petite Petit is an annual must buy. This one has the coolest label. This is big, complicated in a very nice way – different sensations in the mouth – dry, fruits, smack, finish. There’s a dirty quality to it – oh behave. A terrific wine.

saintamourA wine that was released a while ago but is still hanging around and worth a visit is the 2014 P. Ferraud et Fils Cuvée Ensorceleuse Saint-Amour #443044 $19.95. I seem to remember that Saint-Amour as a Cru is a bit more seductive and less masculine than, say, Moulin-a-Vent or Morgon. Well, this wine flexes it’s fruit muscles plenty. Raspberry pie is what I thought to myself. Not syrupy but tangy raspberries. In fact, think raspberry pie and then sniff and sip. I told you. My friend, Grant, will dig this big time. Great sipping wine with a cigar for him.

Wines that I’m curious to try:

2013 Edmeades Zinfandel #105924 $23.95 A Mendocino Zin. Say no more.

2011 Cune Reserva #417659 $24.95 This is usually such a pleasurable, easy to quaff Rioja. Here’s hoping the 2011 is.

Spring is here! Enjoy the weekend.


2 Responses to “Phone Rage – The Rainbow Daily Slosh”

  1. Michelle Williams April 14, 2016 at 12:48 pm #

    You crack me up! Glad you didn’t kill the young man.

    Liked by 1 person

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