Helpful Friends – The White and Sparkling Daily Slosh

30 Mar

I used to include a “This Day in Music” tidbit with my posts but have lapsed lately. This post deserves a reboot of that practice as March 29th (post written then and posted today) was the day the Beatles started recording “With a Little Help From My Friends” at their Abbey Road studio. Although it’s not them below, it is truly the iconic rendition of that song. If you’ve never heard Joe Cocker sing this, do not click away until you play it. Play it as you scroll down. This one is from the Queen E II celebration, I believe, and has Brian Mann of Queen on guitar, Phil Collins on drums. And, that scream – inimitable. RIP, Joe. Did I suggest that you play it? Oh yeah, and turn it up to 11.

So, what could this have to do with wine? Best pairing ever – wine and friends. And I get by with a little help from them; get high with a little help from my friends.

rablHad our niece home from Germany last week. She drinks whites exclusively due to headaches from the reds, pinks, balsamic vinegar, etc. Yes, she’s a pain in the ass. But, then again, so is The Director who only drinks whites for the same reason.

When someone visits from abroad, we wine geeks get a bit conflicted – do we offer our ‘local’ wine or do we try and make them feel at home with their ‘local’ wine? In this case, I had some German Rieslings downstairs as well as a 2014 Franken Würzburger Stein Silvaner Trocken which is from her region in Germany. I decided on a compromise of sorts – a Grüner Veltliner – 2013 Rabl Langenlois #377457 $14.95. – closer to hers than ours. If you’ve never had a Grüner (which sounds a bit rude – “Hey baby, want to share a Grüner?”), you really should. It is a great alternative to other dry, crisp whites and a good one to add to your white wine arsenal. This one’s mouthfeel was akin to Sauvignon Blanc – big, juicy gooseberry flavours with the typical Grüner pepper. It was paired with a pasta with lobster, tarragon, mushrooms, cream – rich, earthy. Good pairing. If you already love Grüner – there’s another one coming this Saturday – 2014 Loimer Langenlois Grüner Veltliner #142240 $21.95 that has a strong review (WS – 92) if you’re into the shelf talkers.

henriNiagara Region does Riesling right. I just heard from a fellow blogger that a friend of his sang the praises of a Tawse Riesling. You can read about my recent visit to Tawse here. This Saturday a Riesling from Henry of Pelham arrives. I realize now I have been remiss in mentioning them for a long while (their Baco is groovy and inexpensive). The 2012 Henry of Pelham Estate Riesling #557165 $17.95 is a dry Riesling that, although just a few years old, has already started to show some age – a wee bit of kerosene on the nose. It’s slatey, salty, citrusy on the swallow. A very good value Riesling. And that’s not just me but Sara d’Amato of Winealign says almost the same thing in her review. This all reminds me that I need to get back to Henri de Pelham soon. Great Chardonnay, the Baco, and a brilliant sparkling wine – Cuvée Catherine.

cdlrSpeaking of which, there’s a sparkling this Saturday that I haven’t had from Cave de Lugny – 2012 Cave de Lugny Cuvée Millésimée Brut Crémant de Bourgogne #183764 $24.95 I think that I will get a couple for down below. If it’s anything like their NV Cave de Lugny Rosé Brut Crémant de Bourgogne #297846 $19.95, it will be solid value bubbly. We had the rosé to start our Easter get together and to celebrate my other niece, Kristin’s, B-day. She renamed the day Kreaster. This wine had a nice moussey volume to it. It was perhaps too good to just quaff and ignore but that’s unfortunately what happens at these things. Not all people want to analyze their wine. Everyone loved it though. Toasty beyond a usual Crémant. Apples and citrus. Good stuff.

I’ll leave you with this – just because I can ’cause it’s my blog. Here’s Joe singing a great Randy Newman song – You Can Leave Your Hat On. The greats always have spectacular bands. This band is beyond awesome! Love the horns.

Remember: you can check stock inventory at your LCBO by clicking on the wine’s link (underlined SKU and price), dropping down the ‘cities’ menu, clicking on your city and hitting the ‘Find Stores’ button.




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  1. Michelle Williams March 31, 2016 at 10:26 am #

    Love Joe Cockers version; I’ve used in a pairing as well. Cheers!

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