This Just Might be the Best Article I Ever Read About Wine

25 Jan

I love Asimov’s approach to wine; the creating, drinking and the discussion of wine.

Charles Scicolone on Wine

Nonsense. Romance is the essence of wine.

Great wine by its nature is mysterious, unpredictable and perhaps ultimately unknowable. We understand a lot about it, and yet so much is unresolved. How does a wine express a sense of place, subject to minute differences of terroir? How does it evolve and become complex with time? I embrace these and many other uncertainties, which requires me to give up the illusion of omniscient expertise that is so often conferred to wine writers. Consider the sorts of questions that may arrive in one day’s inbox:

1. “I just bought a case of 2010 Barolo…

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2 Responses to “This Just Might be the Best Article I Ever Read About Wine”

  1. SAHMmelier at 1:47 pm #

    We were having this same conversation: manipulating to hit a target vs. “honest” unpredictable, but amazing wines. Good read!

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  2. talkavino at 10:52 am #

    this is an excellent piece. I love the mystery of wine and associated romanticism. But then we have to remember that for many, wine is first of all a business…

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