Wine Gifts – A Practical and Pragmatic Guide, Part 2

11 Dec

Some great advice from Anatoli on buying for your wine geek, taking any pressure off me to publish a similar post.
A note to those contemplating a gift for Yours Truly, I know you’re out there. Anatoli has done a great job of highlighting the options and please do click the link to the earlier post on gifts of wine. I’m really easy on that score. A bit of a wine……….what’s the word? And, since you’re asking, yes, Barolos and Brunellos are not going overboard.


Happy HolidaysHere we go again – as promised, a continuation of our Wine Gift Guide (here is the link for the first part, where we were talking specifically about wine as a gift). Please remember our guiding principals – practical and pragmatic. Know what your gift recipient needs or wants. Measure it up for yourself – would you be happy getting same exact gift. Spend the money as you would for yourself, not as you would think you have to spend to look good.

The theme of today’s installment of the Wine Gifts Guide is Wine Gadgets, often also called Wine Accessories. This category includes everything which helps you to handle the wine or the bottle, and the whole idea behind gadgets is that they help to enhance the pleasure of drinking wine. An elegant glass, a beautiful decanter, an easy to use wine opener, a pourer which protects…

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One Response to “Wine Gifts – A Practical and Pragmatic Guide, Part 2”

  1. talkavino December 11, 2014 at 6:03 pm #

    Bill, thanks for reblogging, and I’m glad you found it useful. Good luck with the gifts 🙂


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