Save Thanksgiving, Start Shopping Today!

18 Nov

An interesting and compelling argument to close stores on US Thanksgiving Day. I’d suggest we move it back further to either Canadian Thanksgiving or July 6, my birthday. Think of all that time to get the ‘perfect’ gift. Although, I fear that I would still be left pounding on the LCBO door at 6:05 Christmas Eve for a few last minute stocking stuffers. Or, we could just need so much stuff.

The Food and Wine Hedonist

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about people protesting stores being open on Thanksgiving to start the Holiday Shopping Season.   There are a few Facebook groups on it and people have protested some shopping malls.   Of course the stores’ reactions have been something silly about providing a service to the community or some BS like that.  But some have announced that they will NOT be open on Thanksgiving, and I think people should actively seek those stores out.    

All of this has been because of this post from last year.  I really wish those rat bastards would give me some credit.   Sheesh…


This Thursday in America is Thanksgiving, that terrific confluence of family, friends, gratitude, food, drink, relaxation, and maybe some football.   It’s also the first day of Hanukkah, so many of you “Members of the Tribe” will be celebrating Thanksgivingkah.  (Can I trademark that?)


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