Confessions of a wine (buying) addict; 10 signs you may have a problem

12 Jul

I think that you’d enjoy this take on a disease that afflicts people that I know. But not me. I have made a resolution to shed the cellar. Live in the moment. Wait…..dud you say they have a case lot price for Barolo?

The Wine Wankers

CellarThey say the first step is acknowledging you have a problem. If you are not sure whether you have one, read on, for our 10 signs that you may have a wine buying problem.  Our extensive research (mostly practical) indicates that if you score 5 or more out of 10, you are in trouble 🙂

We must admit that we get almost the same thrill from finding a wine treasure/bargain as we do drinking it; then there is the problem of how many to get. At least 3. One now, one at peak age and one to see how long it will last. Maybe 6, oh it’s the same freight for 12. So 12.

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