Wine’s Genesis; The Root of the Vine

18 Feb

Shout out to the Joukouski Institute crew! Great little post on the origins of wine that varies greatly from my post on Mystery, I fear.


One of the many joys of wine is that it is entirely self fulfilling. What do I mean by this? Mead is fermented honey, but no amount of honeycombs will translate itself to the finished product. Grapes on the other hand hold their own potential.

The wild yeasts strains which cling to the skin of a grape can, given time and heat, ferment the liquid within to create a kind of raw wine. It’s no surprise therefore, that some archaeologists believe wine production pre-dates nearly all other forms of agriculture! To the prehistoric mind this must have sun-shines-on-gnarly-vinesseemed like a God-send, if they had formed any notion of religion.

We need to go staggeringly far back to find the first evidence for wine production. Evidence for wild grapes can be found all across the north Levant in modern day Georgia, Armenia, Iran and north Turkey. The wild vine is a…

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