Hey Hippy, Get a Hair Cut – The White Daily Slosh

23 Jan

Scan_Pic00232010BarrelFermChard1These are recommendations for the February 1st Release.

When I was young, hair past my shoulders (yes, that’s me up there), struggling Fu Manchu, unfortunately even more vain than I am now, but flat broke, I had my hair cut at a barber school. I was going for the Rod Stewart Jeff Beck Group Look®. You can see it didn’t quite take. Suffice it to say that I learned the truth of the sigh-filled comment expressed by many a woman after a hair styling, “It will grow out eventually, I guess.” Now, what can this possibly have to do with wine? Well, it just so happens that you can like-wise buy wine made by those who are honing their craft at the Niagara Teaching Winery. Thankfully, it surpasses expectations usually and you won’t have to wait out a figurative ‘growing out’ of the wine. This week, the 2010 Niagara Teaching Winery Barrel Fermented Chardonnay #040634 $18.95 hits the shelves for an extended stay. This is a great example of how chardonnay in a cool climate can bring some edge in the mouth as well as the butter on the finish. Typical fruits – apple, a touch of peach on the nose. Good value! With food or without.

nadjaIt arrives! The best label in Niagara riesling IMHO – 2012 Flat Rock Nadja’s Vineyard Riesling #578625 $19.95. This wine is spectacular in great vintages, great in good vintages, and good in poor vintages, it seems. Like the Detroit Red Wings, it must be superior management; not luck or just the result of a great site. Great aromas of apple, stone fruit and a little floral somethin’ somethin’. Citrusy. Mouthwatering. This wine is made for food. It has some bracing acidity, an edge that would lend itself to something with some pop – nothing rich – maybe something from the Mediterranean as their site suggests. Nadja is surreal I’m Breton! Anyway, it’s good stuff.

kaikenchardI’ve mentioned the Kaiken Ultra line before in the red wines that they have. This week, there comes an Ultra chardonnay – 2012 Kaiken Ultra Chardonnay #355552 $19.95. This is a great candidate for a taste off with the Niagara Teaching Winery chardonnay above. Have some people over, blind taste them both and see what you think. This one is a bit riper – creamier. This is good stuff and if you’re looking for a strong contender for value creamy (but not too) chardonnay of the month, this is it.

Shallow Philosophical Disclosure: Can I say sometimes wines seem a bit too formula without it sounding critical? No – well, I’m saying it anyway. They just smell, taste and finish too purely – just what you thought they’d bring. Lately, or maybe always, I’m needing a bit more weirdness or deviation from expectation. So, I guess I prefer wines that have flaws or peculiarities? Maybe. Does that make sense? It’s like some of those current California cabs (and, Australian Shiraz’ of years gone by) – all in a row – priced within pennies and, seemingly to this amateur, tasting almost the same. I want to take the chance of having a bad one once in awhile. Surprising myself. I don’t think that I’m talking about terroir or anything that deep and I don’t like ‘bad’ wine. It’s just….. I don’t know, just sayin’ and thought you should know when following my recommendations.


Nostalgic Tune of The Post – Crossroads by Cream. Yes, Eric was young once just like the guy at the top of the page. More importantly, why aren’t there any ‘great’ drummers anymore. Or are there?

One Response to “Hey Hippy, Get a Hair Cut – The White Daily Slosh”

  1. foxress January 25, 2014 at 10:35 pm #

    Oh, yes, I agree. I don’t want to say peculiar, but wine with an edge is always more interesting.


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