Whites That Schmeck – The White Daily Slosh

11 Oct

angelsgateI spent an afternoon in Niagara this past week at Pondview Winery and will report back on the visit in a future post. So, let’s start this post with a Niagara staple – Riesling – 2010 Angel’s Gate Riesling #160523 $13.95. From one of the more picturesque winery locations in the region, this is a dry Riesling but not without some fullness usually associated with some residual sugar. It carries acidity and therefore matches well with seafood or even some Thai. Pick up a couple bottles and serve pre-Thanksgiving dinner with some apps.

sileniI’ve never been one to shy away from being predictable. I always laugh at my own jokes (I crack me up), always tell each story more than two times (“Honey, honey, we’ve all heard this before”), always fuss over food or wine preparations, and always, always cry for just about anything remotely sentimental or touching. And, oh yeah, I always recommend great, reasonably priced New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. This week there’s the 2013 Sileni Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blanc #662882 $17.95. There are those out there that gravitate to the old Kim Crawford aisle and scoop that great SB. But, just walk a little further, sashay to the Vintages section, wander upscale a bit and you’ll find a suitable substitution and worthy wine all on its own. This is true Kiwi SB – gooseberries and intensity. Fabulous wine with foods that have some chew, crunch and a little spice, I’d say. The write up suggests just stand around too but I think that you need something to fight with (sorry, be a counterpoint to) the spunk of this wine. It’s pretty touching actually, sniff, sniff to think about the dedication and work that goes into making a wine like this. Pass the Kleenex.

escondidachardWe’ve never been big fans of Argentinean chardonnay. They have seemed to be either too thin or mushy, if that makes sense. No balance. So, trying the 2012 Finca La Escondida Reserva Chardonnay #270207 $14.95 was a nice departure from those two negative experiences. This white is large enough to clearly be New World and brings some nice notes in the air that speak to some wood treatment – tropical, toasty. At this price, I’d suggest that you trick your company into thinking that you spent big on the chardonnay to accompany the turkey. Or, for the vegetarians – the tofurkey.

bavaNow, the last time I recommended a Moscato d’Asti, I received some not too favourable replies. But, I’m nothing if not a slave to my own perceptions, the belief that others require my wisdom and that others need to try new things. So, another Moscato! 2012 Bava Moscato d’Asti #712547 $16.95.  This is low alcohol (oh, it’s OK if the kids have a little glass like the grownups), medium sweet, and packs some lovely peachy aromas and flavours. Perfect with a fruit dessert! Give it a try – I mean, GIVE IT A TRY!

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