Bogan’s Guide To Wine … the cask

25 Aug

This has a very McKenzie Brothers vibe but it does expose our prejudice against boxed wine and, the exorbitant mark up on Aussie wine in Ontario. Fun. Well Done!

The Wine Wankers

In one of Stuart’s first posts he told us that he likes wine because it transcends class.  Over the weekend I discovered a fine example of just how much this is true.  These guys are all class.  Kudos to The Bogan’s Guide To Wine for giving a “goon bag” a good go.  Enjoy!


The truth in all this is that wine does not need to be pompous and it can be enjoyed by anyone however they like.  I’m a fan of anyone who has passion for wine even if they don’t fully describe their love of wine in overly articulate and fancy terms.

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