Weekend Splurges Return and So Does Diane Lane

5 Aug

I haven’t been keeping up on my splurge recommendations. Choosing instead to just drink them. Plus, my ramblings take my eye off the ball too.

dalemThis week’s release features some great Bordeaux and, although it’s in my splurge category, they are bargains. Aside for a few finds like the Chateau Lyonnat a few weeks back, Bordeaux breaks the $20 barrier with ease and frequency if you’re looking tasty and accessible. And, if you’re talking age-worthy and “I think I’ve actually heard of that one”, you need to check your credit limit before swiping. The place to look sometimes are the lesser known areas like Canon-Fronsac, Cotes de Castillon, Lalande-de-Pomerol and Fronsac like this one and that below. This Bordeaux could be consumed now after a little air – 2009 Château Dalem #191213 $33.85. I hadn’t heard of this chateau before and was interested in the price point. It’s a surprisingly complex wine for this price – with pipe smoke and briary things happening. If you want to impress friends for a dinner party, get one of these, let it breathe or decant for a few hours and serve with a ‘real’ meal (whatever that means for you). Now, I mean real. Meat, vegetables and starch with maybe some gravy or sauce of some kind. So, really whatever that means for ME.

vcAnother Bordeaux that’s a splurge but paradoxically a good buy is the 2009 Château La Vieille Cure #193151 #36.85. I love this chateau. Have a handful of 2005’s and 2008’s. Haven’t had the 2009 on offer but I’m thinking that it would provide good value and be consistent with the ones in my basement. They are medium bodied, dark fruit tinged Bordeaux with lots of interest in the way of herbal things like mushrooms and dirt. Well, not real dirt but a nose that reminds you of dirt – say earthy and musty in a good way. It’s a wine that’s part of the In-Store Discovery series. So, check availability before wandering off.

A few months ago, I wrote about my visit to Megalomaniac Wines. I touted the 2010 Megalomanic BigMouth Merlot #067645 $24.95 by them and I’ll let you read the reviews and description of this interesting winery. This wine is available in numbers this week.

blackwellStaple splurgish shiraz’s for me back in the day were St. Hallett’s Blackwell and Faith shiraz’s. But then, I went ‘off’ shiraz (maybe only real splurge shiraz left in my cellar are Elderton Commands) for a while due to overload and the ubiquitous nature of shiraz at every function and party that I went to. I’m starting to get the same weird feeling with malbec now and think pinot noir is a creeping menace too. You all know what I mean – the mantra was when in doubt, bring/serve shiraz. But, with this week’s release of 2009 St. Hallett Blackwell Shiraz #535104 $34.95, I’m back, baby. Love this. This isn’t your ultra chewy Aussie shiraz. It’s more restrained without giving up on the mouth-filling part. Lots happening that you can wear out a pencil writing about. This is a great wine with surprising smoothness and interesting aromas and flavours – tropical fruit on the nose almost a la white wine with big, ripe dark fruits and pepper as any good shiraz should have. If you’ve wondered what would possess someone to spend $30 plus dollars on a shiraz when you can get Yellow Tail for $10 (is it still $10?) – you will find out when you get this. I just re-read that last sentence. Do you really have to ask yourself. “Why spend more when I can get Yellow Tail for $10?”

And a reminder. The inventory number and price are those for the LCBO. If you want to read about the wine (as in a review) and/or you are in Ontario and want to know where there is inventory, just click on the inventory number and price which should be underlined signifying a link. Then drop down the city menu and find a store near you (as they say in the commercials). In fact, any underlined stuff on my blog probably is a link. Sometimes pictures are links too as in the blog about Diane Lane’s movie. There, one week and I’ve mentioned Diane Lane twice.

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