The Quiz Returns – The White Daily Slosh

23 Jun


stoneleigh latitudeA few years ago my niece (you know, the one who fell in love and ran away to Germany) asked me if I’d heard of a Sauvignon Blanc that she loved called Stoneleigh. I had seen it in the mother ship’s stores, tried it but hadn’t really thought about it. But from then on, Sauvignon Blanc became our wine for discussion purposes. When she would drop over, I’d try and wow her with some Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. It was good for me because I didn’t drink that much of the stuff before then – I grew to appreciate its power, clear fingerprint, and lovely flavours of gooseberries, grassiness, and citrus. So, what did I see on the shelves this week but Stoneleigh’s premium SB, 2012 Stoneleigh Latitude Sauvignon Blanc #324228 $21.95. Now, this borders on my top price for a “Daily Slosh™” but I think we need to stretch out the expenditure comfort range once in a while. This is a beautiful SB. One of our best wine writers, Vic Harradine at says that “it was tough to spit.” And, that says it all. This is crisp without an edge and loaded with fruit, a speck of citurs, and noticeably absent of grassiness – which isn’t a bad thing here. It’s spectacular and if you love Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc, stretch a little and pick one of these up for a special occasion. In my arcane and totally indecipherable scoring system, I give it 47.5 points and 3 fish. It’s that good!

rosewoodsemA few months ago I wrote about a trip to Rosewood Estates Winery. Go ahead you can take some time to reflect on that masterfully crafted piece – why you felt as if you were actually there, didn’t you? This winery makes some great wines, also mead, and has a beautiful site where you can gaze out over the vineyards from a cool gazebo. This week, they’ve brought us a single varietal wine, a Sémillon, from a grape that’s most often found as the dominant grape in a blend, primarily from Bordeaux – either dry or sweet as in a Sauternes. But, it’s starting to find itself on its own in the New World (Washington State comes to mind), as in this 2011 Rosewood Sémillon #177758 $17.95. This has some requisite acidity – makes your mouth water – and zip of flavour that includes some spice. It’s dry (mouthfeel), yes, but with an off-dry flavour profile – does that make any sense? Perfect with some fish, I’d think.

sebastianichardonnayThe buttery chardonnay crowd will love the 2010 Sebastiani Chardonnay #030791 $19.95. This is a wine like the above whose flavours belie the dryness of the wine itself. It’s rich and round, creamy and creamy. Did I say it was creamy? But it’s not heavy, sweet or syrupy. You could have this as a stand around wine but I’d say better yet with a real meal – glorious French roast chicken with rosemary and garlic. If you’re an unoaked chardonnay fan see below.

flatrockunpluggedThe solid economic decision when oaked chardonnay falls out of favour and you have half your acreage devoted to the grape is to make unoaked chardonnay. And, we have lots of that now hitting shelves. This week, there’s a great example from Flat Rock – 2012 Flat Rock Unplugged Chardonnay #068015 $16.95. This brings you the fruit without its clothes of oak, butter, and toast. Plain unadulterated, naked crispy Granny Smith apples. The words ‘naked’ and ‘granny’ might best never be used together anywhere else.

I used to provide quizzes with my newsletter but have stopped since going to a ‘real’ blog. Some have lamented the quizzes’s (spellcheck correction, please) demise and I see that many other bloggers use quizzes for fun. So, in keeping with practices of long ago, that is quizzes that have nothing to do with wine and most frequently deal with music, I challenge you to provide the song that these lyrics come from. We’ll start easy this time. If you Google, the NSA will know and you won’t win the prize There’s a prize?

“Is it right to be treated so bad, when you give it everything you had”

3 Responses to “The Quiz Returns – The White Daily Slosh”

  1. Oenophilogical June 23, 2013 at 8:53 pm #

    Well, the picture at the top of this post is Marvin Gaye. That I can tell you! So I’m guessing the lyrics of the quizzie are from one of his tunes. I don’t know which one though. Drat! And, btw, that Sebastiani sounds … creamy!


    • Duff's Wines June 23, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

      Good pick up on the picture and your assumption s correct.
      On the creaminess – we, in Canada, used to have a commercial for salad dressing where an older Scottish woman would taste the dressing (I believe t was Miracle Whip or Hellman’s) and say, “That’s very creamy.” Rolling her ‘r’s of course. I might have used that but didn’t know whether the ad was seen more broadly.


  2. the drunken cyclist June 27, 2013 at 4:28 pm #

    Can I Get a Witness to the fact that I did not Google one of my all time faves?


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