Oh No, It’s Beau – Again – The Red Daily Slosh

21 Jun

descombesAlways with the Beaujolais? Duh, yeah. I love these wines this time of year. And, this one is refreshing, red fruit (strawberries and maybe plum which technically isn’t a red fruit but you’ll forgive me – deep breath) on parade, with some serious fun things to discover on the swallow. That didn’t sound right. I meant that there was some neat complexity delivered after you swallowed this wine – earthy stuff, dark stuff. It’s from George Duboeuf. I may be simply speaking to myself when I say the 2011 Jean Ernest Descombes Morgon #946186 $17.95 is perhaps the ‘must buy’ of this post. I can’t think of a better wine for sitting out back, or if you have no out back, sitting around a table sipping, noshing, and discussing world events – G7 plus 1, Mike Duffy’s expense scandal, the NSA spying on us all (italics indicating whispering), and of course acknowledging that this is the best $17.95 we ever spent or, if you’re me, the best $35.90 we ever spent.

fermedumontSometimes it just feels right to have a serious wine. There can be a number of reasons, including that you just feel like it. Meanin’ no disrespect (in honour of James Gandolfini), matching wine agonies are best left to people with nothing better to do. Like me. You, on the other hand, just want serious flavour and power regardless of the meal. You might reach for a Bordeaux, a California Cabernet, a Brunello, or a 2011 La Ferme du Mont Le Ponnat Côtes du Rhone-Villages #171371 $17.00. The key factor in that last decision is cost. This ‘serious’ effort from a ‘serious’ producer will not set you back a les autres and you can splurge and drink two – which seems acceptable for summer solstice with friends, doesn’t it? This is a grenache-based blend and, if you’ve loved my recommendations on Spanish garnacha and other Côtes du Rhône, you’ll love this. Plus, you probably bought and loved the 2010, another Duffswines reco. Great BBQ wine!

gravillassabletWhile we have our Côtes on, why not get another. I recommended a red from this producer a few weeks ago – enjoyed one the other night and see that I still have a couple left. This time it’s 2011 Le Gravillas Sablet Côtes du Rhône-Villages #078790 $15.95. This is a steal at this price – loads of dark fruits, some spiciness, and some kind of herbal note that I can’t nail – one review I read says tobacco but less chewy than that. Once again, fire up the cue and grill some bison burgers stuffed with gorgonzola and garden fresh herbs with seasoned zucchini florets and Morrocan spice-infused quinoa. OK, just kidding. I had you going for a second though, didn’t I? Regularly garnished, homemade BBQ burgers, grilled portobello mushrooms and chip wagon fries will fit this wine to a ‘T’.

I was recently asked to recommend Niagara wines as a host(ess) gift for someone traveling to NYC. She was spending more than qualifies for a Daily Slosh but it got me thinking of what Niagara wines I always gravitate to. And, since it’s Canada Day next week, take off, eh, and break open one of my earlier Canadian recommendations or pick one of these, in no particular order (sans labels, hoser):

2011 Flat Rock Pinot Noir $19.95 – enough astringency and red fruit to say, “Hey, I’m a pinot, glad to meet you. Enjoy my food friendly personality.”

2010 Malivoire Guilty Men Cab/Merlot $19.95 – Too bad Malivoire stopped selling their Guilty Men Red @ $12.95! It was delish. But, we have to move on and this is a good tonic. By itself, with summer food or heavier fare – it’s versatile and needs a friend.

2011 Megalomaniac Homegrown Red $14.95 – from those clever people at John Howard Cellars of Distinction. And, Arlene tells me they have to be clever because John Howard graduated from Kings College her alma mater. Regardless, this is a great just standing around wine or with the usual suspects at grill time.

Ku, kukukukukukuku!

Put on the David Wilcox, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen…….what too old for you?…..Then, put on the kd Lang, Sarah McLaughlin, Nelly Furtado…..what? Still too old?….Let me think…..ah Drake! And, if you’ve never, check out this guy from Manitoba, I believe, ReignWolf. Love him.

And, yes, it’s soon to be the 4th of July for my friends in the U.S. of A. So, be patriotic and honour (Oops, I mean honor) Robert Mondavi’s would-have-been hundredth birthday the other day with their solid Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon $17.95 .Yes, American friends, I said $17.95! We tax the hell out of alcohol up here! But, we do have universal healthcare to take care of our alcohol related issues.

6 Responses to “Oh No, It’s Beau – Again – The Red Daily Slosh”

  1. $12 taste buds June 22, 2013 at 6:26 am #

    Here’s to a summer of dirty reds and burnt meat (I quoted you). Cheers!


  2. winingdaily June 25, 2013 at 2:01 pm #

    Nice reviews! I just picked up a Julienas over the weekend as I too am craving a nice Beaujolais! Might be writing it up later this week, if its a good one that is…


    • Duff's Wines June 25, 2013 at 6:15 pm #

      Yes, it’s the perfect time for Beaujolais. And, the cru ones like Julienas and Morgon seem to be good value. Thanks for following and commenting.



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