Groovy Baby It’s Chardonnay Day – The White Daily Slosh

23 May

groovyI couldn’t resist this White Daily Slosh. I have never tried it, have never seen it, but I’m madly in love with the name. When I was a child there was a nursery rhyme called Solomon Grundy. Say it with me – Solomon Grundy born on Monday, Christened on Tuesday, etc., etc. through to Solomon’s unfortunate demise on Saturday. Not sure of the origin, meaning or purpose of this somewhat depressing rhyme. We are born only to be buried on Sunday? Life’s a bitch and then you’re dead? Let us know if you are eccentric enough to know the meaning of this tale. Anyway, I was returned to those childhood memories when I saw the 2012 Salomon Groovy Grüner Veltliner #669606 $13.95. I mean how much fun can you have with that name? “Would you like another glass of Groovy, sir?” “Oooh, beeehave.” I can’t speak to this exact wine, vintage et al but will provide you with a little background on Grüner Veltliner via another blog – Restaurant Uprising. Suffice it to say that Grüner Veltliner is not a mid-fielder for Bayern Munich but a hip white grape (apparently, the nickname for Grüner Veltliner is ‘Groovy’). The reviews I’ve found for this particular wine make it sound perfect to serve with a light meal and Simon and Garfunkel. Be Groovy! Are those Ray-Bans on the salmon?

domainelecomteThe 2011 Domaine Lecomte Quincy #172528 $18.95 ain’t Sancerre but it’s close both geographically and experience-wise. It’s crisp, food-friendly and spicy, It’s not your New World Sauvignon Blanc but more restrained. This doesn’t mean it isn’t full of fruit flavours (apples, citrus) and couldn’t satisfy your need for a white to accompany dinner. It could carry seafood as suggested in the review or even something more full-bodied. I even think it could do battle with something spicy. If you love Sancerre, pick this up as a substitute and see what you think.

silenisbOh, remember that New World Sauvignon Blanc that I just mentioned? Yup, there’s a good one on the shelves this weekend too. The 2012 Sileni Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blanc #662882 $17.95 has all the Kiwi fruit that we’ve become accustomed to but maybe not big gooseberries. That’s not actual kiwi fruit, as in fuzzy little brown things, but Kiwi as in New Zealand. So, some tropical scents and tastes and a kind of greenness too. It isn’t shy but neither is it over-the-top. I think it strikes a great balance – perfect for gossiping and noshing.

cannonballSo, what is Thursday, May 23rd? Yes, we all know – the birthdays of Drew Carey and Rosemary Clooney (yes, I had to Google it just like you just tried to do). But what else? Why It is Chardonnay Day – a day when all people of the world celebrate the great white grape. When chardonnay farmers, vintners and drinkers alike put down their instruments of toil and industry and pour themselves a glass of oakey or unoaked, twist cap or corked (not corked as in smelling bad – but sealed with a cork) chardonnay. It’s a pretty big day around our house. Streamers, Reidel chard glasses, corksicles, goody bags, music performed live by k.d. lang, the biggest chardonnay hound in all Canada and a big friend of Duffswines! Yes, we celebrate it. But what to drink? Meursault? No, I’m waiting for the centennial of Chardonnay Day for that stuff. Mer Soliel? No, too heavy for just pounding back and dancing like no one is watching. What about 2010 Cannonball Chardonnay #311563 $20.95? When in doubt, Cannonball! This is a mid-sized chardonnay. Oh, it’s oakey – so oak-a-philes need to get a few. But, not in the spirit of hiding all the good stuff. There’s lots of true fruit from the chardonnay grape – apples, maybe a bit of pineapple too. It’s a perfect way to celebrate Chardonnay Day which by the time you read this will be over. So, timing doesn’t have to be everything. The label is great on this one as well.

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