Nino and Brigitte Bardot – Bubbly and Pink

21 May

Topic – Brinkmanship and the LCBO Averted Strike

Talk Amongst Yourselves

minofrancoActually, we could better spend our time considering the upcoming summer and what we’ll need to suffer through hot days, sun-baked skin, and many people dropping in to plunder our stock. What better way to enjoy summer than sipping on a simple, middle-of-the-road sparkling wine? To me that means chilly prosecco.  Nothing too full-bodied or complex – simple (said that already), flavourful and bubbling with energy. This week, NV Nino Franco Brut Valdobbiedene Prosecco Superiore #349662 $19.95  arrives. This is a super consistent and dependable prosecco. How do we say that? Is it Pro…sec-co emphasis on the first syllable and soft ‘e’ or pro-seec-co with emphais on the middle syllable but a hard ‘e’ or, and this is the last one that I’ve heard, a run on until the emphasis on the last syllable. Let me know how you pronounce it, sans cheating with Google or I pronounce it fabulous for hot days and sushi and hope I don’t sound too un-Italian. Well, hell, I’m not Italian and will always sound like a Canadian, eh. No apologies. So, while you’re ooout and abooout, pick a few of these up.

Last time out, I talked about rosé and it’s match to particular situations. Well, we are in luck and since you didn’t run out and buy a bunch from the last post (Lisa excluded), get ready, set, go – this week there’s another Tavel that rivals the one that I recommended last time (Domaine Maby, which I’m having as we type) – 2011 Domaine des Carteresses Tavel Rosé #739474 $16.95 carteressesis a bit fuller and cheaper than the Maby from last week (more stuffing in the Carteresses, I feel). Remember, Tavel is the reddest of pinks and this one brings loads of red fruit flavour and punch. This is a regular of these pages most vintages and I hope you grab a bottle or two. This would work as a dinner wine with fish – grilled as is the norm in the summer, salads, or lightly seasoned chicken barbecue.

cartenoireLast vintage (2011), I went on about this wine in connection with my fascination with Brigitte Bardot. Was there ever a more iconic blonde bombshell than Brigitte (picture below). Last year, I said, and I quote, “I believe that Brigitte Bardot lived in Saint-Tropez when she was, well, really hot. Maybe as un hommage to Brigitte, you could chill a bottle of this and serve with roast endangered species, carpaccio di baby seal?” We have the 2012 vintage this week. I have not had this vintage but given the weather/climate in 2012 in Provence and the reviews I’ve read, I’m thinking the Maitres Vignerons couldn’t have screwed this up.  So, get out the pad and scratch this down or highlight this on your smartphone. Pick up the 2012 Carte Noire Rosé Les Mâitres Vignerons Saint-Tropez #319384 $15.95. They call for pork and chicken skewers in the review but I’m thinking that could be a bit too heavy depending on the seasoning. Stay with something light and salty, like fish kabobs, shrimp appetizers, or calamari.


3 Responses to “Nino and Brigitte Bardot – Bubbly and Pink”

  1. Stefano May 23, 2013 at 12:56 pm #

    Nice post, Bill – and picture! 😉 Although generally speaking I am not a huge fan of Prosecco, Nino Franco is certainly a solid producer and the bottle you chose, along with his (more expensive) Superiore di Cartizze, are both excellent recommendations.


    • Duff's Wines May 23, 2013 at 4:50 pm #

      Thanks for the comment. I agree that prosecco has become a bit cliched and nondescript. reminds me a bit of what happened to Cava when it became all the rage. I do like Nino Franco though, usually.



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