Short Ramble – Qu’est Syrah Syrah

6 May

2dorisdayFirst, apologies for that title. I’m sure it’s been used a zillion times but it just seemed to fit. May be copyrighted? And, no pic available of Doris scoffing a glass of wine unfortunately. Grapefriend will be disappointed.

The Ramble – A friend told me this week that he maybe just doesn’t love syrah. This isn’t the first time that I’ve heard this about a particular grape. People actually contact me regularly (if you’ve read me a bit, you’ll know that it happens a million times a week). They tell me that my recommendation of a syrah, a pinot, a California cab, or something else didn’t quite do it for them – they just don’t like that grape no matter how many times they try it. That’s OK, you’re unique……………just like everybody else. It just demonstrates that each varietal grape brings a different vibe and flavour to the party. There’s all the technical stuff too – where its’ grown, where exactly it’s grown, the vintage conditions, in the vineyard practices, whether the winemaker knows her craft, and on and on. But people have their favs on the sole basis of the grape. All grapes are not created equal in our own minds. It’s oh so true. You all have your preferences. My job here is to disregard them. Well, kind of. I know a few readers that have a penchant for Valpolicella, California Cabernet and others – I mention when I can. I try and talk about as many different wines as I have time and a palate for but, if truth be known, I kinda mostly talk about the ones that I like – me. I like most wines, grapes, styles, and regions. But, I really like a few better than others. You’ll get my leanings over time. Other bloggers and reviewers seem to lean as well (people nodding). No apologies are forthcoming, is what I’m saying.

2 Responses to “Short Ramble – Qu’est Syrah Syrah”

  1. grapefriend May 6, 2013 at 11:01 am #

    Haha, well I bet Doris would’ve never been allowed to be shot with a glass of wine – but you know she was downing the grape off camera! 😉



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