Previously Unexplored Wineries – Megalomaniac Wines

15 Apr

megalomaniacI took a wander to Niagara a month and half ago.. Well, technically just the Vineland, Beamsville  area. I decided to live vicariously as Cuvée 2013 was being held in Niagara Falls over the weekend and I wasn’t attending. I’ve been through the area a bunch and always tend to stop in to my favourites – Tawse, Malivoire, Thirty Bench, Daniel Lenko and the other usual suspects that you’ll find in my musings. So, this time, I was determined to accomplish three things 1) see some of the wineries that I’ve heard a lot about but not visited, 2) try and spit more, drink less, and if that fails drive the back roads to get home. We won’t comment on number 2 – it’s a policy here never to comment on number 2. Oh, and 3) have lunch at On The Twenty in Jordan. Superb! I’ll introduce a couple of these wineries over the next few weeks.

Megalomaniac Winery is perched on a hill over-looking sleeping vines and seasonal mud and brutal potholes. Word to ownership – gravel for next year. I mean it should still be a farm but smoother. I was driving the battered, yet determined, VW Passat up, up, (did I say it was muddy?) and up again finally arriving at a very cool (as in ‘dope’ and chilly) stone underground winery (picture above). All kidding aside, they have created a very special reception and tasting area underground – tasteful and unique as is their marketing approach and their wines. As always, I asked to sample what they were most proud of and the young woman (why are Niagara wineries replete with lovely, knowledgeable, and incredibly friendly staff? Or, am I just easy?) suggested a few wines but I’m going to concentrate on just a couple.

2011 Megalomaniac Eccentric Savagnin ($28.95) That’s not a typo despite my spellcheck underline. Savagnin is a French white grape grown most commonly in Jura. Haven’t heard of it? Well, clearly not cramming for a Masters of Wine or WSET exam. I, myself, had to Wiki it 215px-Côtes-du-jura_blanc_1997to see that the savagnin grape has a “rather unstable genome.” Who writes this stuff and someone make them stop? This wine smelled like gewürtztraminer (not spice but floral) and felt a bit like a chardonnay in my mouth as suggested by host. Although dry, it has that viognier way of making you think its a bit off-dry. It’s probably just the persistence of flavour. It comes in an oddly shaped bottle reminiscent of cognac – just like it commonly does in Jura (image courtesy of Wikipedia). Is it good? You bet. Hardy enough to stand up to a meal of your choosing and if you’re fussy, I’d suggest creamy-herby chicken something or other. Give this wine a look see if you’re into fuller-bodied white wines. Plus, just think of the commotion the grape name will cause. “Don’t you mean Soveeneyawn, Bill?” “Why, no, I’m too cool for that common grape.”

2011 Megalomaniac Big Mouth Merlot ($24.95). I’ve always detected a green thing within the aromas/flavours of wines made from red Bordeaux varietals grown in Ontario? Especially, if it’s a straight up one varietal wine. Maybe with the exception of some cabernet franc, now that I’m thinking about it. Well, I’m trying to understand and embrace the green rather than bitch about it. Hold me accountable. This wine is right-sized for most everyone’s taste. If you’re looking big as in the name – I’m not finding it. Now, that’s not bad to me – that’s good in the case of this wine. Cherries…insert another red fruit of your choosing…. and a hint of green pepper (which I’m trying to embrace?) that works for this medium bodied wine. Have to say that I loved it – particularly the absence of heavy stand-alone oak – it’s well integrated. Really loved it! To borrow an overused phrase in wine writing – this would be a “crowd-pleaser”. Standing and walking around or burgers requiring several bottles at least – bonus.

The labels are neat too. Based on the work of Rene Magritte.

Resolution – visit Megalomaniac again later this spring on my Niagara tour. Road dry and smooth. You can order wines through their website .

Some available at LCBO search here for availability.

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