Splurgin’ On The Bay – Weekend and Splurge Wines

11 Apr

2012 CloudyBayIf there ever was a wine that created a buzz for a wine region, Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc is it. New Zealand came to life here one day, like Frosty The Snowman, when our dear monopoly brought Cloudy Bay to town many years ago. At that time, there weren’t a lot of kiwi wines that were known to the masses. This one had people lining up like junkies to get a sip.  2012 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc #304469 $29.95 I haven’t had the 2012 but given the reviews I’ve read, my experience with other vintages, the history of the wine itself, and this particular vintage, I’d say scoop a couple up. If you like a sauvignon blanc that’s bold, thick (not sure that’s the proper word – substantial?), and full of tropical fruits, this wine is for you. Get one of these and have a sauvignon-off with others that I’ve recommended. You do obediently run out and get my recommendations, don’t you? Unfortunately, I know the answer. So, bring a bottle of Cloudy Bay to my place and I’ll throw in the others.

MdCTintoIt seems lately that I’m always talking about Spanish reds. Well, I like them and I have the pen. It could be that I can’t resist getting them, try them, and then want to talk about them. They’re interesting always, reasonably priced, and have a sense of place that’s not always evident in other wines. Two weeks ago it was Beronia, a regularly available label. This week it’s another label that we’ve all seen. Some of you may not remember not having my incredible eidetic memory (go ahead and Google it, I’ll wait). But, you have seen this brand label many times 2005 Marqués de Cáceres Tinto Reserva #702761 $24.95. Another balanced, expressive Rioja. Check the vintage. This wine has had time to caucus and decide what it’s going to be. Full of fruit with a very pleasant “what the hell is that?” post-swallow. I see several answers to that question in my notes – “cedar”, “some kind of herbal thing that I can’t nail down”, and “lovely.” Sorry for the less than precise description, I was just enjoying it, not studying it. When I open my next one, I’ll elaborate. If Spain is your place, run, don’t walk to get a few of these.

One Response to “Splurgin’ On The Bay – Weekend and Splurge Wines”

  1. the drunken cyclist April 12, 2013 at 12:01 pm #

    One of these days I will need to try some Cloudy Bay and see what all the fuss is about….


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