Museum London – Let’s Dig In

20 Mar

When my son told me that he aspired to be an archaeologist, I took a deep breath. The son of a company man, who was a company man himself, I didn‘t quite get the archaeology ‘career’ path. Was there even a career, let alone a path? I knew there were things called ‘digs’. But from my ‘Summer of Love’ vernacular ‘dig’ meant that you loved something, it was groovy, dare I say, far out. I didn’t want my son doing ‘digs’, even if he did dig it. Despite my unspoken misgivings (He misremembers and will say that they weren’t unspoken, “An archaeologist? There are no such beings outside of three famous museums and Steven Spielberger movies!”), he took the path less taken and an archaeologist he became. Well, over the years all this archaeology has rubbed off on me. I know where Pantelleria is, who lived at Petra, and, all by myself, I’ve learned that Museum London has a great fundraiser every year!

 Museum London is holding The Art of Eating again this year – it’s on May 9th. The event raises money for underprivileged children and family programs at the museum. A great cause! This year the silent auction includes a Victorian Dinner For Eight (prepared by David Chapman of David’s Bistro ) taken from the Downton Abbey Cookbook with a mess of food-matched wine from deep in the bowels of the duffswines cellars. I think that David’s Downton dinner and my wines are worthy of a hefty bid. Come on out and get involved and help Museum London. See ticket and event information @

Getting back to my son, he has excelled as an archaeologist and he loves it. It’s very groovy and I can confidently say, he’s far out! This has all proven that my run of confident mistakes is not limited to annually rooting for the Cleveland Browns (2013-14 is the year, ya know) and buying RIM at $67, as it couldn’t POSSIBLY go lower.


One Response to “Museum London – Let’s Dig In”

  1. Nancy Platt March 21, 2013 at 9:47 am #

    Do you have a table of 8? Or is seating first come first served? Sounds like fun and loved your rantJ


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