Rockin’ Niagara for the Red Daily Slosh

14 Mar

RockwayI seem to be plugging Ontario this week. Maybe Tony Aspler’s lecture plus all the Ontario wine tweeters that I follow are rubbing off on me. But, don’t stop me now. This week there’s a wine that I haven’t tried but will pick up based on reviews, recommendations – 2010 Rockway Vineyards Small Lot Reserve Red Assemblage (#321893 $16.95). As I’ve probably stated way too much, “Yes, way too much,” Bordeaux varietals in Ontario seem to do better IMHO when blended. I hear it’s the weather. Well, this wine has three of those varietals – Cab Franc, Cab Sav, and Merlot – a blend as ordered. Heard good things about this wine – that it’s full-bodied, rich and cellar potential too, if you wanted to see how it develops. And, you can’t go wrong on the price either. Perfect for a party wine. Spread the word – Rockway Rocks!

For those that liked the Chianti I recommended last time, pick up the 2008 Vicchiomaggio Agostino Petri Chianti Classico Riserva (#993360 $19.95). This is more refined than last week’s Chianti. No hint that it might benefit from a basket or a candle when done. Drink this puppy now, although there’s a recommendation that it will keep for a few years. Drink now – drink often. What to have with it? Come on….pizza!

ElHalcon_FRONTDropped off a bottle of Rioja Gran Reserva at friends as part of a big “Thank You”. They loved it and surprisingly they said Rioja was their favourite red. I explained that the grape widely used in Rioja reds, tempranillo, is used in other regions in Spain and in Portugal (under different names). They didn’t say, “Who cares.” But I felt it. This week, they should grab a bottle or six of the 2009 El Halcón Old Vine Tempranillo   (#313783 $17.95). This wine comes from the Ribera del Duero region from older vines. I know this as it says it on the label. This will not carry the effects of aging in wood that the gran reserva brought – so fresher. I know that Rioja freaks will appreciate it.

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