Reaching for Riesling, Among Others – the White and Sparkling Daily Slosh

14 Mar


Mailvoire RieslingRead a fantastic article by Tony Aspler (actually a transcript of a speech he gave) where he lays the groundwork for how the Ontario wine industry can improve. He talks about what Ontario does really, really well. And, no surprise, Riesling is mentioned as one grape that Ontario excels with. If you do a Niagara run, Cave Spring’s CSV and The Adam Steps Rieslings, and Flat Rock’s Nadja’s Vineyard are my favs. But, when I was at Malivoire a couple of weeks ago, I sampled their 2011 Riesling too. Loved it! I love tasting the wine in the winery best – talking to folks, getting free stuff. The tasting panel write up suggests sushi and I have to agree. Sushi with this Riesling (great balance, stuffing and enough acidity) is perfect. Makes me want to run out to Gozen for spider and rainbow rolls tonight. Oh, the wine? 2011Malivoire Riesling (#277483 $15.95.)

Want another Riesling – kind of a brother from a different mother? I am big fan of The Winegetter and he is all about wine (surprised?), but particularly German riesling. It’s been a bit of an education for me and much overdue. If you like German Riesling, want to like German Riesling, haven’t given German Riesling a chance, or are just curious about German Riesling, here’s a good starting point to try – the 2011 Balthasar Ress Hattenheimer Schützenhaus Riesling Kabinett (#735241 $17.95). This is a sweeter Riesling, maybe medium in our normal way of describing sweetness. However, if you let it sit in your basement for a few years, that sweetness lightens up a bit and you might get some petrol developing too. It’s got the typical acidity that Riesling brings to the table – so good with food which would be served on that table now. Give this a try – price is great too.

VintageInkNeed a chardonnay for breaking Lent? Try the 2011 Vintage Ink Rite of Passage Chardonnay (#245712 $16.95). I mean Lent shouldn’t require abstaining from chardonnay especially when there’s a new Pope in town to celebrate. Pope Francis drinks malbec, I bet. He’s a Mendoozy. Back to the wine above – this is a creamier chardonnay than many from Niagara. So, if that’s your thing, bring it on. Price is wonderful and just like the name and the image of this winery imply – its fun to drink. Come to think of it, what wine isn’t fun to drink?

Muga2011Ever had a Viura? Anyone? Buehler, Buehler? Viura is the primary white grape of Rioja. Thought that Rioja only made red wine? If it did, that would preclude Arlene (Ms. White Wine) and me ever going to Rioja. This week the shelves will be marginally full of 2011 Muga Barrel Fermented White (#958736 $15.95). This wine in past vintages has been warm (can I say that about a chilled wine?). I guess I mean that it’s a mouthful of spice and peaches to me like a peach pie only not sweet and without the crust. So, the metaphor isn’t really that good, is it? You need to try this at $15.95. If you haven’t, you should. Break out of the rut.

Spoiler Alert: Repeat Recommendation.

Sparklers are perfect for spring and spring is coming, right? Wet snow falling as I type. This week there’s a yummy, dry rosé sparkler It’s made from pinot noir – so carries some of the fruit that you love – I say strawberries. Lots to like about this and how can you argue about the price. Cave de Hoen Heimberger Brut Rosé Crémant d’Alsace (#168948 $16.95). Pick up a couple for the summer too.

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