Ramble #6 – Where For Art Thou Fat Bastard?

15 Feb

Just read a great article in the Huffington Post by Mary Orlin, “One Wine Trend That I Want To Go Away”.  Mary tells us that wine marketing gurus have found out that women buy the most wine and maybe they’d be influenced by names like Skinnygirl, Middle Sister, Little Black Dress, or Sassy Bitch. Mary complains that some of these crass and obvious marketing ploys (although apparently working) are degrading to women. Wine drinkers aren’t women and men – just people. And, she observes, this approach to marketing wine isn’t attempted with men. I have to agree that as Mary suggests, wine should be fun, but let’s either have some obvious labels aimed at men or pitch the ‘bitch’. I had some ideas for attracting male buyers, but you tell me – pick your favorite:


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