A Sketchy Rosé and Dessert Course Bubbly for the Daily Slosh

31 Jan

If inexpensive, low in alcohol, lovely sweet fruit, and something that goes with dessert is what you are looking for then hop on over to 2011 Ricasso Antica Casa Moscato d’Asti (#072272 $15.95). I often think, “Why stop drinking wine at the dessert course?”.  This bottle is my answer, perfect with desserts, especially nutty ones, think almonds, or hazelnuts.

TawesSketchesRoseI’ve always touted the Sketches portfolio from Tawse (3 times Winery of the Year in Canada). What I like about them is that they’re true to their home. They taste like they come from Niagara, if that makes any sense. Not emulating another style – they just take what’s there and squeeze it all into a bottle. This week, the 2011 Tawse Sketches Rosé (#172643 $15.95) is my shout out to Tawse. Although we’re hunkering down for a few more weeks of winter, Punksatawney Phil and Wiarton Willy notwithstanding, this rosé is viable with some poultry, appetizers, or by itself. Winter is a great time to get out of the rut since we’re all depressed, sad, and angry. So, put on your shorts, get a beach chair out in your living room, one of those M&M shrimp rings with some home made citrusy sauce, a good book and a bottle of this. You could even turn on the surf channel. Cruise? What cruise?

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