A Chardonnay Party and 50 Shades of White? New Whites for the Daily Slosh

31 Jan

Three chardonnays this week merit a look see. If it’s your thing, buy them all and have a chawdonnay paw (pause) tay. Open some chips (anything but barbecue based on personal experience) and pour these babies. OK, maybe not chips, but look at some of the food recommendations below.

malivoireFirst there’s the local entrant 2010 Malivoire Chardonnay (#573147 $19.95). What can I say about Malivoire? Great place to visit – informative and friendly staff – cool venue – lovely variety of wine and prices. I make sure to drop in every time that I‘m in Niagara. This one is medium-bodied, lots of interest and just enough oak for the oak-a-file but not too much.

simi_chardonnayThe next wine is a repeat offender, but different vintage of a solid American Chardonnay 2010 Simi Chardonnay (#673806 $20.95). This is awfully big. Why do we enhance ‘big’ with ‘awfully’? Not really a solid phrasing and misleading. This wine is not awful – it’s delicious! Last year’s version was not nearly as big as this. Those out there that crave a creamier chardonnay but still like a streak of minerality will love this. It has tons of fruit. I had this with pasta with lobster and a cream, parmesan, and basil sauce (a hint of garlic) – pretty large mouthfeel  – rich and decadent. It was a great match.

The last of the trio is an Australian chardonnay – 2010 Hill-Smith Estate Chardonnay (#361584 $19.95$). This is more aligned with the Malivoire weight-wise. I might say it doesn’t have the feel of oak that even the Malivoire does, but I could be shaving a point here or there. Lots to like in this true Aussie-style chardonnay.

CoopersCreekSauvLet’s end with a wine that seems to always be around – 2010 Copper’s Creek Sauvignon Blanc (#957407 $17.95$) – it could become your go-to white. This is a typical kiwi sauvignon blanc with maybe a little less of the tropical stuff and a little more herbalness.. About this wine, one popular reviewer says, “My oh my”, which leads me to believe that they have been reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Slide your hand slowly on to the neck, feel for the cork with your eyes closed (you’ll know when you’re there ‘cause you’ll feel the cool sweat), very slowly insert ……….the corkscrew, with your fingers playfully clasping lightly turn the handle again and again and AGAIN, leveraging not once but twice until you hear that almost inaudible gasp. My oh my.

And, just to keep comparing and encouraging some exploration (and excessive purchasing), why not pick up an Old World sauvignon blanc – 2011 Château de Pocé Touraine Sauvignon Blanc (#313569 $13.95). Great sipper and the price —  Amazing! Buy one, try it, and go back for more. Wait it’s all gone, isn’t it? Come on take the plunge and get a couple.

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