I Heart the Caymus

18 Jan

Mea Culpa! I received some serious feedback on this post. None can be published without censorship. It stems from my characterization of a Keenan cabernet sauvignon as being less ”sweet and consistent” than the iconic Caymus cabernet sauvignon. Well, I should be ashamed of myself. What I really meant to say was that, “if you want something a little less……um……straight forward and Napa Valleyish?,” the Keenan was a candidate. My post was taken by many to mean that I didn’t like Caymus. There is nothing further from the truth. I love the stuff. I have some in my cellar, er basement. Evidentiary proof: just this past Christmas, I shared a 2005 Caymus with my niece’s German beau and he said that he’d never had anything so great. I had to agree. So, please accept my apologies, but I stand with the reformulated comment that the Keenan brings more structure and stuffing to this wine than does the regular Caymus bottling.……ah…………I think that I’d better give up there. Keep the feedback coming – but be gentle.

One Response to “I Heart the Caymus”


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    […] it. This wine is awfully good. Now, I won’t compare it to other California wines (compounding my Caymus error) but it is cellarable and good now with meat – the kind of meat that Napa district cabernet […]


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