Fantinel & Valdosera: Sparkling Releases for the Daily Slosh

18 Jan

There are two troubling trends that I’ve noticed through my interaction with readers: 1) People don’t drink enough wine – well, not enough to make me feel that I don’t have a problem; and, 2) people don’t seem to drink sparkling wine enough. I’d love to correct both those trends.

FantinelWe might oversell the prosecco here. Well, there’s no “might” as we actually do oversell prosecco here. But, rather than be dissuaded, I plow on with the NV Fantinel Extra Dry Prosecco (#297812 $14.95). Now, the last 6 characters are important. It’s $14.95! What are you waiting for? Bubbly goes with so much stuff and in so many situations – first offering to guests at the front door, alongside hor d’œuvres, before wings, after wings, with seafood, without seafood, before bed, first thing in the morning, and my favourite – with regular Goldfish crackers while watching The Daily Show at 11:00 pm, the glow of the television lighting up the room. “Can my neighbours see me in my housecoat?’, he wonders aloud.

valdoseraThe other overrepresented wine here is Cava. I could fall on my sword and moan about how sorry I was that I don’t feature enough other sparklers, but why do that? Why not introduce a great little Cava wine – NV Valdosera Brut Nature Cava (#311738 $17.95), Just noticed in my re-read of above that I said “little”. Well, that’s not exactly the case. This wine has lots going on. If the one above is Ally McBeal, this one is Jane Kasmyrsky (not even checking the spelling and I know they are both anorexic – so bad imagery?). It’s what we’ve been expecting from Cava and not getting enough of until the last few years. Good for all the situations above, only I‘d switch out the regular Goldfish for 3 Cheese flavour.

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