Albariño & Stonehedge Chardonnay: New Whites for the Daily Slosh

18 Jan

albarino_seno_2Well, when I think of Spanish whites, I think of Albariño. It just says. “I like to be paired with shellfish, fish, and I’m even into grilling with the right partner.” Even though we’re mired in a deep freeze – well, that’s a lie, it’s been pretty warm actually in these parts – it seems that there aren’t a lot of opportunities to pair this wine. But, wait, there’s more (to quote Ron Popeil). This wine is good just sitting and sipping with friends – even the imaginary kind. This week, I’m recommending 2011 Señorio de Rubios Albariño (#314427 $17.95). These whites from Rias Biaxas have a salinity to them that’s mouth watering and hard to describe without PowerPoint. Grill a carp or just pop and pour.

JosephCattin_2Another crisp white is the 2011 Joseph Cattin Reisling (#259788 $14.95). It’s an Alsatian beauty that needs food IMHO. It’s got great acidity that just lends itself to food that has some bite too. I’m thinking Thai food, curry maybe. Heck, at $14.95 you could even, gasp, buy two bottles and try with different things.

If it’s chardonnay you crave, the 2010 Roch de Bellene Vieille Vignes Bourgogne (#299867 $19.95is for you. It’s surprisingly round for an entry level Burgundy but still has a seam of acidity (yes, this one too!) that ensures that it’s not pretending to be New World – great citrus stuff going on too.

StonehedgeChardonnayA great comparison would be the 2010 Stonehedge Reserve Chardonnay (#311548 $19.95). This is a Napa Valley chardonnay and it brings some strong tropical flavours as opposed to the citrus dominance above. Maybe targeting the creamy chardonnay lovers out there or, residing in my home.

2 Responses to “Albariño & Stonehedge Chardonnay: New Whites for the Daily Slosh”

  1. Shannon January 19, 2013 at 8:40 am #

    I love the pics of labels…..makes it easier to recognize the bottles in the store! Great idea!!


    • winebill January 31, 2013 at 11:29 am #

      Thanks. My tongue in cheek response is – Recent studies done by UC Davis’ Oenology Faculty show us that wine labels account for 89.1% of buying rationale among people between the ages of 12 and 14. Just trying to expand my demographic and build the wine market. What do you think they were doing with names like Yellow Tail and Little Penguin? Worked for RJR Tobacco with Old Joe Camel.

      Actually, I like having the labels with me when I’m in the store so that I can recognize the wines more easily and figure that there are many people like me. Just trying to help you access the wines that you want.


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