New Whites and Sparkling for the Daily Slosh

4 Jan

Jackson Triggs ChardA local wine that shines is the 2011 Jackson-Triggs Grand Reserve Chardonnay (#593996 $17.95). Not as buttery as the one below, but brings very nice balance to the table. This winery has really improved over the last 10 years. Used to be when I commuted on VIA 1, they would serve this stuff and I’d pass on it (well, after the third glass, that is). Now, if you’re careful, you can find great wines like this from Jackson-Triggs and not just their more expensive and single vineyard wines.

FoxGloveSo, you say that you want California chardonnay that is round and full of typical chard fruit? Well, I’ve found it for you. The 2010 Foxglove Chardonnay (#262022 $19.95) is best described as a very good chardonnay at a great price point and a must for the California chardonnay hounds out there. Howl!

Last year, I recommended a clean, crisp, and full white from Greece. I picked up a couple and after a few months remembered I had them, popped and poured them in the heat of summer. Fabulous. This is the 2011 vintage of that wine – 2011 Santo Assyrtiko (#627760 $16.95). If you’ve been to Greece, you must have had this grape from Santorini. It will bring back great memories of your time in one of the most special places on this earth – regardless of austerity, Euro-crises, and protests.

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