New Reds for the Daily Slosh

4 Jan

 When I think of value New World reds, I think of Australia. 2006 Tintara Shiraz (#289942 $19.95) is made by the Hardy Co. But don’t be dissuaded because you’re thinking of some of their ubiquitous entry level wines (animals, stamps, etc.), this is pretty good stuff and distinguishes itself from those blah Hardy wines with depth, smoothness (maybe due to aging), and loads of personality. A bit sweeter than syrah’s from Old World vineyards but that’s kind of what Australia does best – brings us chewy tannins and a hint of sweetness. Lovely. BTW, The Chewy Tannins are playing The Horseshoe Tavern February 18 opening for Lifted Floral Notes.


For the wine geeks out there, this wine comes from a vineyard adjacent to Vega Sicilia – never heard of Vega Sicilia? No, it’s not a Chevrolet from an Italian island. You probably haven’t heard of it because you don’t spend $100’s on a bottle of wine (2002 Vega Sicilia Unico is selling for $424 per). The 2010 Finca Villacreces Pruno (#312140 $19.95) is a full-bodied wine that is perhaps the best value of the year so far. I know it’s only January 4th. but, you get what I mean – it’s a ‘must grab’ for me. Complex, rich, and yummy.  My departing wisdom: 1) if you haven’t had a wine from Ribero del Duero, pick a few of these up 2) if you have had a wine from here, pick a few up; and 3) if you are one of my wine drinking friends, and you know who you are, you need even more than a few  ‘cause we need to share.

rouge-nostre-paisFrom the region that brought us blue jeans comes 2010 M. Gassier Nostre Pais Costières de Nîmes (#295410 $18.95). Well, maybe not the jeans themselves (they’re made in Bangladesh) but the fabric. This is nothing, if not complex. It brings all sorts of regional flavours into the mix – lavender, spice, and garrigue (in my wine tasting lexicon, that’s French for ‘earthy, lime-stoney, shrubby’ and is typical of wines from here). If I hadn’t already proclaimed the Ribera del Duero above as the value of the year, I’d say that this is the ‘value of the year’. How about 1 and 1a?

Boutari NaoussaRed wine from Greece, “Nao sah,” you say? Ah, but it’s true there have been great strides being made by Greek producers with red wines. The largest and most readily available producer from Greece is Boutari. This week, there’s a very nice and inexpensive sipper – 2008 Boutari Naoussa (#023218 $12.95). It’s not the gutsy, gritty (swallow hard) inexpensive red from Greece that we’re used to – it’s a lot more refined.

There’s always time for a Beaujolais. There’s nothing nouveau about these as the cru Beaujolais have been a hit in my books for a long time. The 2011 Domaine Ruet Les Grands Cras Morgon (#299883 $16.95) is a great wine with substantial appetizers, or simple meals. They suggest beef bourguignon. I’d say something a little lighter. It’s got great acidity, light but providing lots of fruit flavours. Maybe a little drier (read: tannic) than you’re used to from Beaujolais but that’s a good thing.

Primitivo is either zinfandel or a close cousin and it grows in Puglia. It’s usually cheap, reliable and rustic. Rustic in a good way. Not, “This wine is making me thirsty.” But more, “This wine is darn good, cheap, reliable and rustic.”  The 2007 Coppi Peucetico Primitivo (#724624 $13.95) delivers for a small price. Fuzion (slick and syrupy) – No! 20 Bees (uniflavoured and candied) – No! It’s interesting and affordable.



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