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The Daily Slosh: Zuccardi Malbec and Value from Canepa Wines

18 Nov

If you have been jonesing for some rich, sophisticated malebec, your wait it over. Here is a nice malbec from Zuccardi. They’re the people that bring us Fuzion (well, not us, actually, but some people out there). 2010 Zuccardi Q Malbec is from their mid-price range, worth picking up a bottle (#723478 $19.95).

Staying in the southern hemisphere, let’s go to value-wine heaven – Chile. This week, the 2009 Canepa Finísimo Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, (#211920 $17.95). This might be the value of the week. Great balance which, as we all know, is the key to a great wine.

There are always way too many south of France wines that catch my eye. I won’t mention the Saint-Esprit from the Delas Bros, or the Domaine Puig-Parahy Cuvée Georges. Won’t mention them at all. The one that really caught my eye was the 2010 Hecht & Bannier Minervois, (#017764 $19.95). There are those out there that love this style of wine. It’s rich, jammy, and yelling to us, “Pick me! I’m full of Syrah, Grenache, and just a little Carignan, so I’m not too easy.”

Finally, we arrive at Spain. This week, I love the 2011 Palacios Remondo La Vendimia, (#674564 $14.95). Why do I love this wine? It’s $14.95 and it’s good! Say no more, say no more. Although it’s Rioja, it has a bit of roundness to it. Remember it’s $14.95. It’s house wine that people will think is cool and different. Cool label. Harder than Fuzion, rounder than Salice Salentino. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.


Vintage Comes Early

16 Nov

The 2009 vintage brings wines that are enjoyed much earlier than usual for Bordeaux vintages. These recommendations can be popped and poured as soon as you get it home but they will improve with a little time either in the glass or under the stairs.

2009 Château Lestruelle is from a typical Cru Bourgeois of this vintage – lots of fruit amidst solid structure so that you could have a steak – it is principally merlot with cabernet sauvignon. Not a big wine. Pick up a bottle, #295840 $18.95,  let it breathe – one-two-three – a bit and compare to your favorite cab blend.

Another Bordeaux that breaks the price barrier and will bring pleasure is the 2009 Château La Gravette Lacombe (#295808 $19.95). This wine is a little more structured and restrained than the one above. If there’s one complaint I hear about Bordeaux is that it isn’t as ‘fat’ as most cabernet/merlot blends that we taste in the New World. If ‘fat’ is what you’re used to, opt out of Bordeaux and into California or Australia.

Staying close to home, let’s focus on the great 2010 vintage in Niagara. Do you remember that summer? You do? Then you got married, had a kid, or separated/divorced – because it wasn’t that memorable for the rest of us. It did produce some pretty great reds, including the 2010 Peninsula Ridge A.J. Lepp Vineyards Reserve Merlot (#299222 $19.95). Now, I usually find Bordeaux grape reds from Niagara i.e. merlots and cabernets (franc et sauv), a bit green due to not enough heat, I believe. But this vintage allowed the grapes to mature and ripen fully. If you’ve decided against Niagara reds, try this and tell me if this changes your impression.

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